Submit a Proposal

Do you have a proposal for a Real Utopias Project volume? We’d love to hear it!

The volumes are built around an “anchor chapter” which proposes a new real utopian institution. These anchor chapters need to be of exceptional quality.

If you have a proposal, please send a detailed outline or rough draft of the anchor chapter to Tom Malleson.

Please be aware that it will not be possible to move forward with the majority of proposals since we only publish one volume every several years.

If the proposal is deemed to be a good fit, we will ask for a fully fleshed out anchor chapter (10,000 – 15,000 words). This will then be closely reviewed by the Advisory Committee. Following Erik’s model, there will then be several more rounds of editing and revisions. At this point, the proposal will either be accepted or rejected. (So the prospective author should be aware that a fair amount of work is required before the possibility of acceptance). If it is accepted, the anchor chapter will be sent out to potential contributors, and a mini-conference will be planned, eventually to be turned into an edited volume published by Verso.